Get a Business Loan to Take Your Business to a New Height

What one should know about Business Loan?

A business loan is a great option for businessmen to grow their business and to buy different equipment if they want to make some changes in the business. A business loan is a type of loan that we take from a financial institution or bank on interest and then return to the bank through monthly installment. Simply put, the businessman turns to business loans to meet his business needs.

How does Business Loan work?

Understanding the working of business loans is very simple.

  • You take a loan from a bank or financer and use it in your business.
  • Depending on the type of loan, the installments are paid.
  • You can use the loan acquired only in your business.
  • Once you have paid all your installments, you are free from the loan.

How Many Types of Business Loans are there in Australia?

Business loans are of many types and deciding which one is best for you is the main challenge. So let us take an overview of all types of business loans in a detailed manner available in Australia.

Business loan as Term loan

The term loan is common business finance in which you get a lump sum on cash up front. From this, you can repay with interest after a predetermined period. In this, lenders can offer you a loan of up to $1 million and can do faster funding than a bank.
Pros of term loans:-

  • You get good cash upfront to invest in your business.
  • In term loans, you can borrow more amount than any other loan.
  • In term loans, if you use an online lender, your funding gets multiplied faster than a traditional bank.

Suitable for

  • Borrowers have a good credit score.
  • Strong business strategy.

Business Loan As SBA Loan

This loan is very beneficial for small business administration which is given by banks and lenders. SBA loan repayment depends on how you plan to use the money.
Pros of SBA loans

  • Their interest rate is low in the market.
  • You can take up to $5 million through an SBA loan.
  • You can pay this in the long repayment term.

Suitable for

  • For traders who want to expand their business or refinance existing debt.
  • For those with strong credit and need long funding times.

Business Loan as Business line of Credit

With the help of a business line of credit, you can access funds as much as your credit limit and you can pay interest only on that money that you’ve drawn. A business credit line of credit gives you more flexibility than a term loan.
Pros of Business Line of Credit

  • It offers more flexibility than other loans.
  • It is an unsecured type and does not require collateral.

Suitable for

  • It is needed in short-term financing as well as it is beneficial for managing cash flow.

Business Loan as Equipment Loan

You can take an equipment loan to buy any equipment to expand your business. The equipment loan term is matched up to the expected life span of the equipment.

Pros of Equipment Loan

  • You can build equity after getting an equipment loan.
  • If you have strong credit then you will get an equipment loan at competitive rates.

Suitable for

  • Businesses that require equipment.

Business Loan as Invoice Factoring

Through Invoice Factoring, you can collect money through your unpaid invoice, You have to sell the invoice to a factoring company who will be responsible for collecting the due invoice from the customer.
Pros of Invoice Factoring

  • Cash available for your business in less time.
  • It is easily approved as compared to the traditional funding option.

Suitable for

  • Good in business with unpaid invoices that need cash fast.

Best Business Loan Short Term Business Loans Available in Australia

Here are some best business loan short-term business loans that you can get in Australia.

  • Unsecured Business Loans for the short term– In Australia, unsecured business loans have become quite popular in the markets. Alternative lenders are speeding up the loan process and responding to their applications instantly as well as providing them cases within a few days.
  • Business Line of Credit for the short term-It works like a kind of credit card for merchants, you get the funds but you have to pay the interest on the same amount that you have used and after some time it will expire.
  • Business Overdraft as Short Term– Business overdraft works like a personal overdraft and usually business overdraft is attached to your trading bank account. You can usually make monthly interest payments and paying the annual fee for services and the interest rate in business overdraft is calculated daily.

Let Us Compare Best Business Loan Interest Rates in Australia

You need to know about the interest rate before going with any business loan so that you do not face many difficulties in repayment of the loan.

  • Interest Rates of Bank Overdraft/Line Of Credit: 5.07% – 12.45% (on secured commercial property) & 5.22% – 12.45% (on Secured Residential Property)
  • Interest Rates of Secured Bank Loan: 2.97% – 9.83%
  • Interest Rates of Unsecured Bank Loan: 2.97% – 12.83%
  • Interest Rates of Business term loan: 4.63% – 11.7%
  • Interest Rates of Business Credit Card: Purchase Rate (5.88% – 20.95%)

How to Get a Good Business Loan in Australia

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